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You have a pile of CDs, DVDs and other media that’s just taking up space. You don’t know how to dispose of them safely or legally. Imagine being able to destroy any type of DVD, CD or media you have—all while knowing it is 100% secure and legal. That’s what DestroyR Secure Shredding offers. Our company provides the best way to destroy the things you don’t want anymore—and we do it quickly and affordably. Our team is made up of experienced, trained professionals who work hard every day to ensure our customers are happy with our services.

Why Media Destruction?

Media formats including diskettes, CDs, DVDs & video tapes are all popular storage media because of its low cost and high capacity. Consequently, preserving its contents is an important part of establishing a secure information system. However, they are often the target of attackers who seek to destroy or steal sensitive data. Because of this, they must be destroyed to prevent unauthorised access to that data.

DestroyR provides services for completely destroying all data on disks and tapes through use of special equipment such as cross-cut shredders. We can also provide you with tamper proof cases for storing your disks and tapes which will protect them from casual viewing or tampering by unauthorised persons.


We Work Around Your Requirements

Nowadays, most business rely on a large amount of technology and data storage, which is why our secure data destruction is so important. When the time comes to dispose of business data that could make your business vulnerable in the wrong hands, you will be happy to have a team that can help you do it the right way. Choose DestroyR Secure Shredding for efficient disposal of your sensitive data.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Team For Data Destruction Services

At DestroyR Secure Shredding, we want to make sure that we always providing the maximum value possible to all our clients. While we know what these benefits are, you might not. Consider the following reasons we think our services deserve your consideration the next time you want data shredding:

  • We equip all our vehicles and cameras with GPS tracking systems. You never have to worry about your information going missing in transit or a security breach when you work with us. Our vehicles all come with GPS tracking to pinpoint their location at any time of the day. These tracking systems help us keep a close eye on your sensitive documents while transporting them for disposal.
  • We can assist you with on-site document disposal if you need it. We understand that some of your data is too sensitive to let out of your building. If that is the case, we can always accommodate your need for privacy with on-site disposal. Feel free to ask our professionals about our on-site services and precisely what we can dispose of with them.
  • We keep things professional. We understand your data is your data, and we would never do anything to compromise it. We hold ourselves to the utmost professional standards on any job and always work closely with our clients to meet their requirements. Whether you want to destroy hard drives or old documents, you can always count on our professional services.
  • We can accommodate small or large businesses. Part of the package is that we can handle small or large shredding requests. Whether you’ve recently closed a small business and need to securely get rid of some old documents, or you’ve moved your growing business into a new building, but you need to spring clean old hard drives, we can assist.

Permitted Items for Media Destruction & Disposal

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • Blu-Rays

  • VHS Tapes

  • Floppy Disks

  • Other Disk Types

Additional Services We Can Provide Similar to Hard Drive Destruction

We believe in providing our clients with a comprehensive list of what we can do for them in addition to secure hard drive destruction. Consider the following ways in which we can help your business dispose of secure documents, hard drives, and more:

  • We can help you with archive clean-outs. While most businesses have moved to digital data storage, not all of them have moved old documents onto their digital platforms. If you have an excessive archive full of private documents that you need to get rid of securely, our team can handle the job.
  • We provide residential shredding. If you keep any documents at your home that you want to securely dispose of, our team can help you. While most of our clients are businesses, we have helped our share of individuals who require a secure clean-out of their documents when moving, or when spring cleaning.
  • We handle e-waste destruction. Most businesses want to stay ahead of their competitors, and an effective way to do that is through technology upgrades when possible. However, one problem this upgrading process creates is that you have a considerable amount of old technology that now needs to go. We make sure that we dispose of everything securely, whether server hardware, old computers or laptops, or even digital electronic media.
  • We assist with e-waste and hard drive recycling. There is no denying the number of companies that swap out technology at least once a year. We end up with mountains of e-waste from many companies and while the best way to deal with it is to recycle, this e-waste still often ends up in a landfill. Our team can help you not only securely dispose of your e-waste but recycle it where possible to assist in your effort to go green.
  • Our hard drive destruction service also includes media destruction. While you might re-use your hard drives within your business or have your IT teams format it, these methods are less effective on media such as floppies, CDs, or DVDs. It will take ages to sift through all the media in your business so you can decide which to wipe clean. We can help you with mass disposal of your media in a safe way so that no one outside of your business ever gets their hands on it.

If you have any questions about our disposal services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want to make sure that all our clients understand what we bring to the table and how we can help them.

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