On-Site Document Shredding

Onsite Shredding with NAID® AAA Certification

When you need to get rid of sensitive documents, your first thought is probably to throw them in the trash. But unfortunately, this could put you at risk for identity theft or cause harm to the environment. DestroyR offers a better way by providing onsite shredding services for businesses and homeowners for South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

When you book an onsite document shredding service, one of our DestroyR trucks will arrive on your premise. All of the bins you have scheduled or are adhoc will be taken to our secure shredding truck where they will be processed for shredding. All of these bins will remain to be securely locked and supervised until it is time to be shredded. 

All of the contents of every bin will be securely shredded and destroyed with our powerful mobile shredders. Once the shredding is complete, the bins will be cleaned, returned to their original location and secured. DestroyR also provide customers the option to watch their shredding take place with our truck’s CCTV system, showing every step of the secure shredding process.

Secure Your Sensitive Information with Onsite Shredding Services

Our Onsite Shredding Service is NAID AAA Certified, which ensures that the highest standards of information destruction are met.

This benefits of our onsite shredding service include:

  • The convenience of having shredding done on your own property, rather than having to transport documents to an offsite location.
  • The increased security of onsite shredding, as documents are destroyed immediately in front of you, rather than being transported to another location.
  • The environmental benefits of onsite shredding, as the shredding process creates recyclable material that can be used in the production of new products.

Why is onsite document shredding important?

It’s important to remember that your company’s documents are valuable. They contain information that can be used against you, so it is essential to take data security seriously.

This is where onsite document shredding comes in. It provides a layer of protection for your business and its sensitive customer information and private company files. Onsite document shredding enables you to dispose of old documents without the risk of them being revealed or stolen from your office or warehouse. It also helps businesses meet strict compliance and shredding laws that apply to certain industries.

Onsite document shredding is an affordable option for securing sensitive documents, as well as for disposal or recycling purposes. Not only does it offer peace of mind, but it also helps reduce costs related to storing and handling large amounts of paper documents.


How can you deal with sensitive data?

Data security is one of the most important ways to stay ahead of the competition. It’s also a proactive way to stay safe from hackers and other malicious people who may want to steal or release sensitive data about your company. Dumpster diving, for example, can be risky. If you have confidential documents that deal with finances, legal issues and personal information, it’s crucial that you implement onsite document shredding.

Onsite document shredding will allow you to keep your data secure while taking care of the physical piece of paper that holds those pieces of information. This will help protect your business from identity theft and other risks associated with information released in public places like a dumpster. The onsite document shredding service will destroy any sensitive data it comes across, minimising the risks of identity theft.

DestroyR Secure Shredding

Permitted Items for Onsite Shredding

  • Lever Arch Archives

  • Archive Boxes

  • Suspension Sheets

  • Bulldog Clips

  • Cardboard Sleeves/Folders

  • Staples

  • Paper Clips

  • Hard Cover Books

  • Documents/Diaries

  • Manilla Folders

  • Papers

  • Newspapers/Magazines

What type of documents should you shred at your business?

If you have a business that deals with sensitive customer information, onsite document shredding is the preferred option. At the same time, if your company deals with confidential company files, you also need to shred your documents onsite.

Depending on what type of documents you’re dealing with, there are different types of document shredding services available for your company. Take a look at some of the options available for home or office document shredding. With regular data security measures in place, you’ll be able to maintain a level of privacy and preserve customer trust.


Why DestroyR is the best choice for onsite document shredding

If you’re looking for a document shredding service that can handle your sensitive data, consider using DestroyR. DestroyR’s team has over 20 years experience in the secure destruction industry, to ensure your data is completely shredded and destroyed. Plus, the company is certified under ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001 standards. DestroyR Secure Shredding also offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs, from onsite document shredding to recycling of hard drives or paper.

Our services are available to individuals and businesses across the Queensland and Northern NSW, so you’re guaranteed to find what you need when you need it.

Another reason why we recommend DestroyR is because its prices are incredibly affordable! DestroyR is simply your best option when it comes to onsite document shredding at your business.


We shred your paper responsibly

DestroyR ensures the paper we shred is recycled into new product. We work with ABC Washroom Supplies to convert the shredded paper into new paper products. These products can include: toilet paper, paper towels and more. It’s all part of our commitment to the environment and sustainability with our closed loop process.

DestroyR ensures the paper we shred is recycled into new product. We work with ABC Washroom Supplies to convert the shredded paper into new paper products. These products can include: toilet paper, paper towels and more. It’s all part of our commitment to the environment and sustainability with our closed loop process.

Our onsite shredding service saves time and makes it easy to shred all of your important documents quickly and securely. Our powerful shredders don’t require you to have to manually remove paper clips, or cardboard sleeves. 

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Regina DavyRegina Davy
04:21 15 Sep 23
Great team to deal with from reception to collection. Have used their services a couple of times now and it's been a seamless process.
04:52 07 Sep 23
Great customer service. Rang for a quote and Shae was amazing to deal with, was able to answer all my questions and queries. Made my experience of getting quotes enjoyable. Thank you again Shae!!!
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02:33 01 Dec 21
Professional services with exceptional & personalised customer service. A pleasure doing business with the DestroyR team
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02:12 01 Dec 21
Such a pleasure dealing with these guys, true old fashion serivce and more competitive than the other quotes we recieved, we even got to view the entire destruction process, I recommend anyone to ditch whomever they’re using and use the services of DestroyR!
01:00 17 Aug 21
After contacting 3 shredding companies, I was so impressed with DestroyR, the service was fantastic and they were ON TIME *****

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