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Paper is the most common material that we humans use. It’s also the most easily disposed of. Most people just toss it in the trash and worry about it later. But what if you knew that your documents were being shredded and recycled responsibly? Imagine knowing that your confidential documents are being destroyed properly and responsibly. What if you knew that they wouldn’t end up in a landfill or be shipped overseas to be dumped? That’s what DestroyR does – we securely shred and recycle any document on your behalf, so you can feel confident when disposing of them and help the environment.

Paper Recycling As A Method Of Document Destruction

While you might like the idea of recycling as a means to reuse paper and reduce landfill, you need to assess if this is a suited method for disposal of your company materials. Locally recycling paper often leads to material directly being rendered to recyclers, which can prove to be insecure in several ways. What often goes unrecognised are minor details such as name, contact details, and other specifics that are discarded as insensitive information. There are legal implications for this information to be leaked about your customers and clients, which carry heavy fines for breaches of information. Sometimes the plastic or steel packaging of products can be misused in the counterfeit market when secure disposal isn’t carried out. With so many prying eyes and hands about, it’s important to assess whether paper recycling or document destruction is best suited to your businesses’ needs.

Our Paper Recycling Process

Our closed loop paper recycling process is structured to work in tandem with its recycling partners. While the secure transportation and shredding is completed at our end, the destroyed material is then relayed to recyclers and can be reused to create office and household paper items.

DestroyR collects paper recycling material from the most suitable size recycling bin for your business, as per your needs. The material is then transported in specialised collection vehicles, fitted with on-board weight scales & GPS Tracking to the nearest DestroyR facility.

This non-sensitive paper is baled and transported to our recycling partners, ensuring that up to 99% of product is recycled. DestroyR then provides an Environmental Impact Statement, demonstrating the benefits of those tonnes recycled, and the positive impact your company is making on the environment using our trusted service. Each tonne of paper recycled can not only reduce waste and reduce landfill, it will also help to work towards sustainable environmental benefits in the long run.

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