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DestroyR’s secure destruction of uniforms and clothes recycling is a service to assist in the protection of your brand. Our services provide secure destruction of old uniforms or any kind of clothing materials, even in large quantities. A large number of clothing designers and distributors all around Australia trust DestroyR to be a reliable secure destruction service and depend on us for shredding and destruction of counterfeit and fake forged products, excessive shipments, and unpermitted samples. At DestroyR, we pride ourselves in the ability to shred and de-identify just about anything for your business, we lead the way in more than just document destruction!

Refusing to destroy unwanted uniforms and clothing is dangerous for your business security and your brand. Your company should still dispose of obsolete and expired uniforms and company supplies to maintain privacy. 

Should you be unsure on whether garments require secure shredding, get in touch with our customer service team to discuss our destruction services and solutions for your business. It is better to not simply discard clothing products and uniforms when you can have them securely shredded and recycled, promoting security and environmental sustainability.

Obsolete uniforms or old uniforms will dampen costly marketing tactics, especially, when you have renamed or rebranded your business. Through our industrial grade shredders, DestroyR facilitates the complete destruction of material, ensuring reliable marking and branding. Unapproved use of a company uniform can have significant ramifications to your business.

Whether it is personal or company documents, unused or discarded badges or nametags, our product destruction services help to protect your brand. Being fully in control of every aspect of your business – especially those elements that can cause damage to your good name – is of the utmost importance to any business.

You may want to make use of professional and secure product destruction services if:

  • Your company has rebranded, and you need to ensure that all items associated with your brand bear the correct and updated logo. Having items, uniforms, and documents with the old logo in circulation after a rebrand is pointless and not conducive to growing your brand recognition.
  • Keep your business secure by ensuring that no unauthorised persons have access to company-branded items, such as uniforms. Such items may be used by criminals to gain access to information or even premises unlawfully, which is likely to cause irreparable harm to your company’s good name.

All you have is your reputation. Keeping your good name intact is the key to gaining and maintaining the trust of your customers. Phased out uniforms not only detract from your efforts to build a recognisable brand but also put you at risk.

Make sure that no one can misrepresent your brand by keeping in control of items like uniforms. Whether your uniforms are just old and being replaced, or if you have rebranded, sending the right message to your customers is vital. Waste is one of the top issues affecting the environment today.

Our destruction service ensures that destroyed documents and products are recycled, which helps you minimize your carbon footprint. Ensuring that your unwanted products, documents, and uniforms are responsibly and securely disposed of holds many benefits, of which the above are but a few.

Permitted Items for Product/Uniform Destruction

  • Badges with ID

  • Credit cards, fleet cards & club cards

  • Depreciated laptops, hard-discs & smartphones

  • Branded merchandise

  • Prototype designs

  • Recalled or disabled goods

  • Obsolete items

  • Trade mark copies

Customer satisfaction is the heart of our service and we ensure our clients experience this throughout the complete process with DestroyR. In an alarmed and GPS tracked service truck, we safely collect and remove your unwanted textiles and uniforms for transport to the nearest DestroyR facility. Once all the shredding is done under CCTV monitoring, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued to certify that the sensitive products have been shredded and destroyed, to guarantee a complete secure shredding process.

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